Monday, September 26, 2016

First Fall Weekend

After going to Leeds Farm last year with Lucy when Todd was in Japan for work, I knew I wanted to make this an annual trip.  I was even more excited to go this year because Todd would be able to come with us and I knew Lucy would have even more fun than last year since she could do more things.  Cece came too (obviously) but she just slept most of the time which was exactly what I was hoping would happen!  Lucy's favorite things were the big slides, the banana bus ride, and eating a pumpkin donut. 

We started in the barn with a smaller slide; this is where she spent most of the time last year

Just soaking it all in

Driving the banana bus

Lucy was in the first car

First photo op

They had baby pigs that were only a week old!

Feeding the goats

Second photo op with daddy...

and another with mommy

Family hay ride

We don't get many pics of just the 2 of us any more

Lucy was excited to sit on the bales of hay, Cece wasn't excited about the bumpy ride

We ventured over to another barn with bigger slides and this was Lucy's absolute favorite thing of the day!  She was so sweaty from climbing up the hay bales to go down the slide and then running back over to the hay bales to do it all over again

So happy!

We just happened to walk by the "race track" when they announced they were having one of their two pig races of the day in just a few minutes so we knew we had to sit and watch

The pig races were followed by a pumpkin donut snack break

On our way over to get a snack, Lucy spotted these tunnel slides so after our donuts, she went down these a bunch of times

Giggling as she slid out of the slide

Trying out the combine slide next

And on our way out, Lucy wanted to stop where they had the pig races to take a picture on the cement pigs

Going to Leeds Farm was definitely the highlight of the weekend but a close second was enjoying Burger & Beer Week that evening with Todd & the kids by getting a $6 burger from Houlihan's in UA

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