Friday, September 30, 2016

Only 1 More Week to Go...

After today, I only have one more full week of maternity leave left until I go back to work on October 10 so we tried to get out of the house and do something fun every day this week.  Plus, it's been so nice to finally be able to pick up Cece and really enjoy my maternity leave (even it's only for the last couple weeks).  

So let's see, what did we get ourselves into this past week?  We went to the Orange Library for their "Dance Party" which Lucy loves, we met up with friends at the Polaris Mall to play, Lucy had preschool on Tuesday and Thursday morning as well as ballet on Wednesday afternoon, I brought Lucy to book club with me that evening so she could play with her friends (Lynn & Megan's daughters) and I could hang out with mine, we celebrated Lucy's 3rd birthday, and today, we were able to play with a bunch of her new presents she got, I successfully took both girls to the YMCA this morning (Cece's first time in the child watch area), and we started prepping for her princess birthday party tomorrow.  It was a busy week and the girls must've been worn out because I really got lucky and both Lucy & Cece napped at the same time 4 out of 5 days this week!  
Happy girl first thing in the morning (and I love how she randomly got that toy up her arm)

Attempting tummy time

Lucy singing songs at the library's "Dance Party"

Chasing bubbles

Cece slept for part of it and then was just hanging out for a little bit

They have a great kids' area in the library so after singing & dancing, Lucy played with a bunch of toys and was doing some arts & crafts

Simultaneous naps = time to eat lunch + get stuff done around the house

Hanging out with Cece while Lucy was at preschool

And of course, we can't go more than a day or two without blowouts and outfit changes

Lucy wanted to take some selfies

Lucy loves to give Cece a toy to play with while I get ready in the morning

Lucy performing on her stage in the play area at the mall


Lucy & Hattie playing together

Can't pass up samples of pumpkin bread at William Sonoma

Waiting for ballet class to start (Lucy is on the far right with the french braid)

Birthday donut

Standing outside American Girl for her surprise lunch at the Bistro

Lunch with the birthday girl (Todd & Cece were there too!)

She smiles so much but is constantly kicking her legs and moving her arms so it's hard to get one that's not blurry!

You know, just wearing her new bike helmet around the house

Playing with her new Cinderella & Aurora dolls...

and her new princess game

Princess cookie platter for tomorrow...

and mini-bite cookies as part of the treat bags for Lucy's friends

The next couple posts that will be up will be about Lucy's birthday, both what we did on her actual birthday and another post about her princess party.

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