Monday, October 3, 2016

Lucy's 3rd Birthday

I still cannot believe that we have a 3 year old!  It seems like Lucy was just born and we somehow blinked and she all of a sudden turned 3 last week.  Todd worked from home that day so we could celebrate Lucy's birthday as a family and take her to a special lunch.  Her day started with a donut for breakfast followed by going to preschool.  We all picked her up from school and headed to Easton for her birthday lunch at the American Girl Bistro.  We never told her where we were going and had her Bitty Baby waiting in the car for her after school and told her to bring her with us to lunch.  She was so excited to see that Bitty Baby had her own high chair, plate, and cup for lunch.  After we ate, we walked around Easton for a bit and then headed home for nap time.  My parents came over after dinner to finish up her birthday celebration with cake and presents.

Blowing out the candle on her birthday donut

Sprinkles make everything better

Breakfast time with the family

Lucy and her Bitty Baby standing outside the American Girl store

Entrance to the bistro

Hanging out with the birthday girl

Lucy giving her baby a drink

Todd & Cecelia (who I think was just about to yawn)

Mac & cheese for lunch...

followed by a special heart brownie for dessert

It was pretty small so Lucy managed to eat it all in one bite

Loving on her baby

One more picture outside American Girl

And I can't forget to add a picture of Miss Cece (although I do feel bad that 75% of the pictures I have of her are when she's in her car seat)

Playing at the Lego store

Blowing out the candles on her birthday cake

Family pic

Opening presents 

Reading birthday cards

 Trying out her new balance bike

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