Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Lucy at 3 Years

Lucy at 3 years on September 29, 2016

Wow! Where do I even begin to explain how much Lucy has grown in the past year?  Like every birthday, I just cannot believe our little girl who made us parents for the first time is already 3.  She is such a light in our lives and I'm so glad that I get to be her mommy.  Lucy is such a little performer and she's constantly putting on shows for us (literally, she'll turn anything into her "stage" and will say "Welcome to my show!").  One of her favorite things is when we put music videos on the TV from YouTube (she refers to them as "her songs") and she can sing & dance to them.  Because of this, we started her in ballet class this month.  She's also going to preschool twice a week now (her "normal school") and she also started PSR at church during mass (her "church school").  She definitely thrives in a learning environment with other kids and she gets so excited to go to school.  I've also noticed in the past few months how creative she is and how big of an imagination she has.  It's fun to watch her play and hear the crazy things she says or comes up with.

Big milestones this past year included: becoming a big sister (she is an AMAZING big sister and Cecelia is so lucky; she pretty much helps with every diaper change, will try and soothe her if she's crying by giving her a pacifier or singing to her, and will lay with her on her activity mat to play), being potty trained (she's been potty trained for almost a year already; we seriously started trying right after she turned 2 and it only took her a couple weeks to be completely out of diapers 100% of the time, even at night), and talking non-stop (it seemed like it took her awhile to really say much and I always thought other kids her age were more advanced in terms of talking but it's like as soon as she figured it out, she just didn't stop talking!).

She has been such a relatively easy baby/kid but we have finally hit a few bumps in the road in the last few months as she's finally hit her terrible 2s/3s.  Like most toddlers, she doesn't always listen and can have a meltdown in a matter of seconds before flipping a switch and becoming the sweetest little girl.  We're in for quite the emotional roller coaster when she hits her teen years!

Weight:  29.6 lbs on Oct 4, 2016 at her 3 year appt (36th percentile)

Length:  38 inches on Oct 4, 2016 at her 3 year appt (73rd percentile)

Clothes: Wearing 2T & 3T clothes and size 7 or 8 in shoes

Eating: She still continues to be a great eater and while she might not like everything, she's pretty good about trying most things.  She even eats a few vegetables without complaining like peas, green beans, cucumbers, avocado, and corn!  Her favorite foods though are mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, anything with "dip dip" (ranch), cereal, yogurt, blueberries, pineapple, grapes, cheese, peanut butter & jelly, and milk.  She LOVES milk and after playing outside, she'll come in and ask for a glass of milk which cracks me up because I love milk too but don't exactly find it quenches my thirst.  Of course, she also loves snacks & treats (teddy grahams, fruit snacks, cookies, chocolate, etc.) because c'mon, who doesn't?

Sleeping: Up until just about a month ago, Lucy was consistantly taking one nap every day in the afternoon for about 2-2.5 hours.  Then, all of a sudden, she completely dropped her nap for a few weeks and had quiet time in her room where she looked at books, and now she's back to napping almost every day again.  She goes to bed at night typically between 8:00-8:30 PM and gets up around 7:00 AM

Likes: Reading books, dancing & singing, princesses, playing with her baby dolls, coloring and doing stickers, puzzles, and going to the park

Dislikes: Listening, when she doesn't get her way

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