Thursday, October 6, 2016

Lucy's Princess Birthday Party

Lucy turned 3 last Thursday, September 29, and we had her birthday party on Saturday, October 1.  She'd been asking for a princess party for months now and then this summer, we went to a couple of her little friends' parties and they had princesses actually come to the party (Ariel at one and Elsa at another) so of course, Lucy all of a sudden expected Princess Aurora to show up to her party.  We didn't want to disappoint her so Todd & I decided to go ahead and book Sleeping Beauty for her party.  We invited some of her friends and family to the party and it was such a great afternoon!  The little girls were so excited about Aurora, even a couple who had already been to those other princess parties this summer, and it was nice that while Aurora was here, all the kids were pretty much entertained.  She taught the girls how to walk like princesses, crowned them princesses for the day, did their hair and makeup, helped make them wands, and sang songs.  It was all so cute to watch!  Lucy said her favorite part was when Aurora put her hair up in a bun.  I'd say all in all, Lucy had a fantastic 3rd birthday!  

My mother-in-law made the beautiful princess cake (and the lace crown on top!)

Platter of princess cookies from Cookie Crumbs

Mini cookies as part of the treat bags for the girls

Some of the drinks (the girls had princess cups to use)

Part of the food...I decided to make this party as easy as possible this year and ordered mini sandwiches from Giant Eagle, mac & cheese and a big salad from Noodles & Co (not pictured), I made the fruit salad, and then set out a bunch of snacks too (princess goldfish crackers, pink & white frosted animal cookies, princess fruit snacks, etc)

Treat bags for the girls

With the birthday girl before the party started

Lucy meeting Princess Aurora

Walking like princesses

Lucy getting her hair done

She always looks so much older with her hair pulled back

Putting a little blush on her cheeks 

The pink pirate was there to help Princess Aurora and she was giving all the girls princess tattoos on their hands

Making wands

Another view

Listening to Aurora

Group picture with all the girls

Lucy & Aurora

Giving her a hug good-bye

Opening presents

Family picture with the cake

Blowing out her candles

And one more from the other side

Loved having all these sweet princesses at our was so fun to watch them play and eat together

Enjoying her cake and ice cream

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