Friday, October 7, 2016

My Last Week of Maternity Leave

And just like that, my 12 weeks of maternity leave are over...

I'm heading back to work on Monday morning and even though it's only part-time, it doesn't make it any easier.  I actually think I felt more ready to go back to work after having Lucy than I do this time around (and I thought it would've been the other way around) but I know once I get back into the swing of things and get used to our new normal schedule, it'll all be fine. 

Here's a look at what we did on my last full week off of work....


Sleeping in the bouncy seat and cuddling with her burp cloth

My parents came along as we went to the new outlet mall in Sunbury; Lucy had fun "trying on" clothes at Gap

They even had a nice outdoor play area that Lucy & Grandpa played on while Grandma, Cece, and I shopped

Going down the twisty slide

Playing with her new Sleeping Beauty legos

Bedtime when Todd works late (1-3 nights/week) can be a little crazy at times but it went surprisingly well this week


Sneaking in a nap on our walk around the neighborhood while Lucy was at preschool

Both girls had well visits on Tuesday afternoon (Lucy's 3 year and Cece's 2 month....although it was more like 2.5 months) so Todd met us there from work (Lucy looks a little worried about the flu shot she was about to get)

I thought it seemed a little quiet on the drive home and was pleasantly surprised to see both girls napping when I pulled in the garage


Working on tummy time

Playing with new stickers

Doing some painting

All ready for ballet in her new skirt (seriously, this could be one of my new favorite pictures of Lucy)


Staring at her toys on the activity mat

After preschool, we went for a walk to Murphy Park for a picnic lunch and to play (Lucy wanted to bring her Bitty Baby too)

Cece sleeping while Lucy eats lunch

Selfie with my 3 year old

Such a happy girl!


and going down the slide

So glad Lucy is back to napping again because it lets me have some down time to either get things done around the house or relax (usually a little of both!)


Finally made it to the zoo with these two by myself on my last day of maternity leave

Someone loves climbing!

Watching the monkeys in Africa

Counting the giraffes



Mosey Prose said...

Awwww good luck today!!!! It looks like you had an amazing maternity leave (back surgery and all!). I am dying not being able to pick up Bennett, so I don't know how you did it with Cece! I also thought it was so much harder going back to work this time around! Hopefully everything goes smooth this week! Your girls are toooooo precious!

emily said...

I hope you're having a great first day back to work!

And the photo of Lucy at the doctor's office cracked me up!! That's what I look like too!