Monday, September 12, 2016

Lots of "Firsts" Last Week

Lucy had a big week this past week!  She started her second year of preschool where she'll go twice a week now instead of just one day per week, she started dance class, and we made her first trip to Build-A-Bear (okay, so that might be stretching it that making a bear was a big deal but she actually really loved it and I wanted to post some of the pictures).

Obligatory first day of school picture

What a difference a year makes!

My in-laws came into town and stayed with us for a few days last week to help out while Todd was at work since I still can't pick up Cece; Todd's mom put Lucy's hair into a french braid for dance and showed me how to do it

It looked so cute!

Ready for dance!

Lucy is on the far right; it was hard to get good pictures through the one-way mirror

Walking on her tip toes along the line

Olive is also in her these little besties!

Friday was National Teddy Bear Day so Build-A-Bear had two of their bears for only $5 each so my in-laws, the girls, and I went to Easton for the day to make bears and go shopping

We waited in line to get their bears stuffed for over 30 minutes and hardly moved in line so we ended up buying the bears and we went back the next day to get them stuffed

Lucy helping stuff her bear

and then she helped stuff Cece's bear

Putting in the bear's heart (I got my haircut that morning and they gave me a blowout so I actually had straight hair for the day)

Lucy picked out the Sleeping Beauty dress for her bear and picked out Cinderella for Cece

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