Wednesday, September 7, 2016

One Last Summer Weekend

Labor Day weekend is always bittersweet.  It's the unofficial end of summer which I'm always sad to see come to an end but at the same time, fall has been growing on me the past few years especially with all the fun fall activities to do with kids so I kind of look forward to what the next couple months brings.  Either way, I will not be looking forward to a few months from now when winter arrives but let's hope that the cold weather is still a long way off.

Saturday was the first Ohio State football game of the season so I had to dress both girls up in their OSU shirts and matching gray cardigans.  Not sure if Cece's hand-me-down script Ohio onesie from Lucy is going to last the whole season though!  We then headed to the Worthington Farmers' Market and made it back home in time for the football game.  That evening, we met my dad at the St. Michael festival and Lucy had a blast riding some rides, playing games, and dancing to the music.

Sisters ready to cheer on the Buckeyes

Lucy is getting so big!

Helping daddy bag up the corn we bought at the farmers' market

Walking around 

Taking a break for donut holes

Cece slept the whole time

Lucy's favorite part of the farmers'  market is the folk band that plays because they have a bunch of little toy instruments set out for kids to play with

Tickle monster!

Lucy and Grandpa going down the giant slide at the St. Michael Festival

Lucy looked terrified going down but as soon as she was at the bottom, she said it was so much fun...not sure I believe it though!

Next up was the bounce house

Jumping around!

Going down another slide to exit the bounce house

Playing games...first up was rolldown

Clown bean bag toss....Lucy didn't quite understand the concept of having to stand behind the blue line

Skee ball

Duck pond

Lollipop tree

Lucy and Grandpa were all smiles listening to the music underneath the tent

Todd & I

Playing Milk Can Toss

So excited that we ran into Sara

All summer, Lucy has been talking about wanting to take Grandpa to Zoombezi Bay and she finally got the chance on Sunday.  The last day of the season was Monday so we were able to get in one more trip there until next year.  It was pretty chilly first thing in the morning but warmed up quickly so we got there around noon.  Unfortunately, the water was still a little cold so Lucy would go in the water for a little bit and then come out to warm up and go back in again.  She lasted almost 3 hours though which was actually longer than I thought since the water wasn't that warm.  I think it helped that Grandpa was there and she wanted to show him everything she likes to do there.  Her favorite thing though was having Grandpa stand under the big dumping bucket (as Lucy calls it) at Baboon Lagoon and have him get soaked.  

Lucy watching the parrots at Zoombezi Bay

Lucy's favorite photo spot at Zoombezi Bay

Going down the slides while Grandpa watches

I couldn't get into the water because of my incision from my back surgery so I had to watch Lucy from the lounge chair but gave her lots of snuggles when she got cold

On Monday, my parents took Lucy to the UA Arts Festival for a couple hours in the morning.  While she was gone, I took Cecelia for a walk around the neighborhood (my back is feeling relatively good and I'm supposed to be going on daily walks now to help with the recovery).  We really didn't do much the rest of the day besides clean around the house and get some stuff checked off our never-ending to-do list (already had to put away all the newborn clothes for Cece...she's definitely outgrown all of them!)  We cooked out and enjoying dinner outside last night too.  

Checking out my cute girl while walking

Lucy with the fire truck at the UA Arts Festival

Perfect evening to eat dinner outside

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emily said...

your visit to the St. Michael's Festival reminded me that this weekend is the Grandview Heights Hog Roast. I haven't been in years, but they are setting up games and rides on the softball field already!