Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Busy Fall Weekend

We had a pretty busy weekend with a "big" event planned for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Todd took a half day on Friday since I had off and after he worked from home for 4 hours, we packed up and made the hour drive to the Circleville Pumpkin Show.  Of course, the weather that morning said the rain was supposed to blow over by noon but it was still raining in Circleville at that time when we got there.  Despite being cold and wet (it did eventually stop raining), it was nice that it wasn't really crowded and we didn't have to wait in any long lines to see the pumpkins or for food.  This event is one of my favorites of the entire year and it's the only tradition/event that Todd & I have made it to every year that we've been together (this was our 9th year there!) so even though the weather wasn't the greatest, we still had a good time and I'm definitely glad we went.

Lucy & I in front of the prize-winning pumpkin; it won for biggest pumpkin and weighed in at 1553 pounds

Our traditional picture (we even pulled Cece out of the stroller just for a quick picture)

Somebody (hmmm...I wonder who?) might have stuck her finger in the huge pumpkin pie while we waited in line for pumpkin donuts

It was the perfect day for pumpkin chili

Lucy enjoyed a pumpkin cookie

My favorites are the pumpkin pizza...

and the pumpkin buckeye

And of course, we can't go without getting fried cheese on a stick

Cece was cozy and dry in the stroller

On Saturday morning, Lucy & Cece dressed up in their Halloween costumes and we met Lynn, Olive, & Brody at Boo at the Zoo.  They decorate the zoo for Halloween and had a bunch of different treat stations set up around the zoo for the kids.  It was pretty chilly and windy that day so we made it a couple hours before coming home.

Lucy dressed up as Doc McStuffins

Cece dressed up as an elephant

Getting some candy from the candy king

Going through the hay maze

She made it out!

Lucy & Olive

Two little besties hanging out

For dinner that night, we ventured down to campus to eat at The Chop Shop.  I'd been craving a good burger for a few weeks and this place hit the spot!  Todd & I both had the Western Burger and we split fries and onion rings as well as a peanut butter & brownie milkshake.  I'd definitely go back there again.

Waiting for our food

The Western Burger comes with a giant onion ring on it as well as bbq sauce and bacon

Our milkshake

Hanging out with my girls...and I swear, Lucy looks a lot older than 3 in this picture

We finished out our busy weekend on Sunday by making the 3 hour drive up north for our nephew's birthday party.  He actually turned 10 the day before Lucy's birthday back at the end of September but with his soccer schedule, this was the first free weekend they had for his party.  It was a quick trip but Lucy had fun playing with her cousins and some more of our family was able to meet Cece for the first time.  

The party was soccer themed

Cece & Uncle Brian, her soon-to-be godfather

Nana with 3 of her great-grandchildren

This week looks to be busy too as I have to be at work at 3:45 AM on Thursday and will work close to 30 hours; I typically only work 20 hours and have one full day off but we're really busy right now and they needed me to work extra.  Luckily, we don't have a lot planned for this coming weekend so I'm hoping it'll be more low-key than this past weekend.

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