Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cecelia at 3 Months

3 months on October 18, 2016

For the most part, Cecelia has been such a laid back baby.  She is smiling all the time, is happy (except when she wakes up hungry after a nap or is having tummy trouble), and started to coo a lot more this month.  She loves playing on her activity mat (although she doesn't necessarily love tummy time) and will give us big gummy smiles when we make silly faces or smile at her.  She definitely takes after Todd in terms of her laid back & relaxed personality!  Honestly, having a baby has been a lot easier the second time around and she's really adjusted well to just going with the flow and being out and about.  I went back to work last week too and for the most part, she's done well at my parents' house.  I think the only challenging thing is getting her to nap a little bit better and longer when she's over there but from what I've been told, she doesn't really fuss a whole lot (except if she's hungry...notice a theme here?) so apparently her short cat naps are enough.  She's really starting to notice a lot more and is constantly putting everything in her mouth.  I forgot how much babies drool! Her neck is getting stronger too so hopefully we'll be able to put her in the bumbo soon because we noticed the other day that it does seem like she has a little flat spot on the back of head from laying down so much.  We're excited to see what this next month brings for Cece!

Weight: 12 lbs. 4 oz. on October 4 at 2.5 months (68th percentile)

Length: 24 in. on October 4 at 2.5 months (87th percentile)

Clothes: Wearing mostly 0-3/3 month clothes with the occasional 3-6/6 month outfit and size 1 diapers

Eating: She is eating about every 3-3.5 hours during the day and then sleeps straight through at night so she's eating about 5 times/day.  She is still taking 100% breastmilk and I get up around 4:30 AM every morning to pump before working out since she isn't waking up at night.  I have a pretty decent amount of milk stockpiled in the deep freezer and am hoping I'll have enough to last through her first year by the time she's 7 or 8 months old.

Sleeping: Cecelia has been an amazing sleeper from birth and continued to sleep great again this past month.  The only thing that's been tricky now that I'm back to work is getting her to nap in the mornings in something other than the car seat/stroller.  Most days during my maternity leave, we'd be on the go in the mornings to go do something for Lucy (park, story time, walk, mall, etc.) so Cece usually just napped in the car seat but now that she's at my parents' house in the mornings, it's been harder for her to nap for more than 30 minutes or so and she usually does it in the bouncy seat.  She'll take a longer afternoon nap (~2-2.5 hours), swaddled in the crib (we were using the swing for awhile but didn't want her to get to used to that).  She goes to sleep at night around 8:00 PM and will sleep straight through the night.  If it's a work day, we have to wake her up around 6:15-6:30 AM and if it's the weekend, she'll sleep until about 7:00 AM.  We do still have her in the rock 'n play at night and I know that'll be a transition we'll need to make in the next few weeks....although, with her falling asleep so easily in the crib during her naps, I'm hoping it won't be an issue.  

Likes: Blowing bubbles & drooling, bath time, eating, when we make silly faces 

Dislikes: Tummy time, being hungry

Milestones: Celebrated her big sister's 3rd birthday, started going to Grandma & Grandpa's while mommy is at work, first trip to the pumpkin patch

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