Monday, October 31, 2016

Getting Ready for Halloween

I'd been looking forward to this past weekend for awhile now just because it seemed like we didn't have a ton planned!  Sometimes our weekends aren't very relaxing when we have too much planned or are out of town.  Anyways, this past weekend was all about Halloween!  Since Boo at the Zoo last Saturday, Lucy has got a ton of use out of her Doc McStuffins costume and has already worn it for 4 other events and will get to wear it again tonight for Trick-or-Treat.  

On Saturday, we went to the last outdoor Worthington Farmers' Market of the season and the girls dressed up as they were having a "haunted" farmers' market with some of the vendors and local businesses dressing up in costume and passing out candy to the kids.  The weather was amazing for a late October day in Ohio (I think it ended up being in the high 70s that afternoon) and we had fun walking around.  We also ran some errands, watched the OSU football game, Lucy helped me make a Chocolate Peanut Butter Bundt Cake, and Todd met up with some friends that evening for drinks after the girls were in bed.

On Sunday, Lucy was able to wear her costume yet again; this time it was for Sunday school at church.  Our only other plan for the day was to carve our pumpkin and the Doc McStuffins pumpkin turned out great thanks to Todd!

Lucy & Cece as we walk down to the farmers' market

Hanging out with Doc McStuffins

Forcing Lucy to take a picture in front of the pumpkin display

Lucy reading to Cece

My assistant baker

The cake turned out great!! (And I wonder why I can't lose these last couple pounds from pregnancy!)

Using the template to poke holes in the pumpkin so we knew where to carve

 Lucy helping daddy

Lucy was excited to dig out the insides

 Pulling the top off

Getting her hands dirty

Trying to help her out a little bit

 On to the carving part!

Lucy decided to give Todd a shoulder massage while he carved (she was mad we wouldn't let her use the knife to carve...I know, we're so mean)

 The finished product

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