Monday, November 21, 2016

Last Weekend Before the Holiday Craziness Begins

Another weekend with no real set plans which was nice since we're always extremely busy from Thanksgiving until New Year's with holiday parties (both with work and friends), doing all things Christmas related (breakfast with Santa, picking out our Christmas tree, decorating, making Christmas cookies, etc.), and with work.  This is my busy season at work (in fact, I was at work at 3:45 AM this morning) and Todd is going to Japan in a few weeks for business.  

When I was off work on Friday, we had amazing fall weather and hit a high of 75 degrees so we spent a lot of time outside that day.  Of course, it was 39 degrees and snowing on Saturday with is pretty much typical for Ohio weather.  We also had Cecelia's 4 month well visit on Friday and Lucy got a haircut (and her first manicure!) on Saturday.  We spent a lot of time running errands, starting to put together ideas for Christmas presents (I think we have 16 people to buy for), and staying cozy inside since it got so cold on Saturday & Sunday.

We're excited for Thanksgiving in a few days, spending time with my brother & his family who are coming into town, as well as celebrating Cece's baptism on Sunday.

Happy 4 months!

We walked to Murphy Park on Friday

In a daze and about to fall asleep

I was surprised there were only a few other kids playing there

Lucy made place cards for Thanksgiving

We tried out a new place for Lucy's haircut, Funky Scissors, and it was great--the haircut included a haircut (obviously), a manicure, balloon, sucker, and a ring

Lucy's first manicure...she picked pink polish with sparkles

Showing off her nails & ring

Todd & Cece hanging out during the haircut

Lunch at Chick-fil-a

Todd went to Daily Growler with a friend for a little bit to have some beers and of course, Cece decided to have a blowout about 10 min after he left so Lucy & I had to give her a bath

Still can't believe it was snowing on Saturday although I'm glad it didn't actually stick to the ground

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