Monday, April 10, 2017

Dying Easter Eggs & Easter Egg Hunt

After seeing the Easter Bunny last weekend, we continued our Easter traditions with dying eggs on Saturday afternoon and going to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt on Sunday morning.  We lucked out with some gorgeous weather too; this was Lucy's 3rd Easter egg hunt but only the first one where she didn't have to bundle up in a winter coat, hat, and gloves.  My dad joined us again this year and we all walked down to our neighborhood park where they had 900 eggs hidden for the kids!  Lucy's bucket filled up quickly and she was done looking for eggs in about 5 minutes.  Next year, I'm sure Lucy & Cece will be fighting over eggs!

Todd showing Lucy how to gently drop the eggs into the dye

Doing it on her own

I joined in on the fun too

Cece watched and ate some puffs

She was very proud of her beautiful eggs

And we had a few eggs that broke while boiling so Todd made some deviled eggs to snack on that evening

Family photo before the start of the Easter egg hunt yesterday

Running around trying to find eggs

There were probably 30-40 kids but plenty of eggs for everyone

Finding a few more

Cece again just watched

Full basket!

Opening them all up to see what kind of candy she got

Lucy & Grandpa

After the egg hunt, there's always food & drinks for everyone so Lucy had a sandwich and a cookie

And then we played at the playground for awhile before walking home

Cece's 1st time down the slide!

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