Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hallway Bath Remodel

Back in 2012 when we moved into our house, there were a few rooms we never initially painted or updated and one of them was our hallway bathroom upstairs.  It went unused for a couple years (it was only used if we had the occasional guest) until Lucy was big enough to take baths in a regular tub which was sometime in mid-2014.  It was one of those "out of sight, out of mind" things so it didn't bother me with how terrible it looked until we were in there using it every day with Lucy.  We put up with it for a couple years and then late last year, after we had Cece's baptism party and someone had gone upstairs to use that bathroom, the toilet started leaking.  We had had an issue a couple years ago with it leaking (and when it leaks, you can see water marks on the kitchen ceiling) but it was fixable.  This time, Todd noticed the tile was cracked and the entire floor was going to need replaced.  Luckily, Lucy is small enough that she was still able to use the toilet but if an adult sat on it, it would put enough pressure on the tile that it would start leaking again.  Once we realized we were going to have to replace the floor, we said heck with it, and just decided to redo the entire bathroom.  

We met with several contractors before deciding on Josh from Famiglia Homes.  He was very responsive to emails, his quote was reasonable (one contractor we met with was ridiculously overpriced for what we wanted), he was able to point us in the right direction as to where to pick out flooring, countertops, tile, etc., and he was going to start the project while we were in Florida so we wouldn't have to be around during demolition.  Unfortunately, when we came back from Florida, the bathroom looked about 75% complete but the tile wasn't laying flat in the shower so they had to redo the entire shower which added an extra week or so since they had to tear it all out, drywall it, and re-tile it.  Anyways, it was minor inconvenience because once it was all done last week, I was very pleased with how it turned out and am jealous that this is the girls' bathroom and not our master!

Here are a bunch of before & after pictures.  The only things that stayed were the toilet and the actual tub, otherwise, everything else is brand new.

View from the doorway; the tile before was a green/brown color and now we have gray hexagon tile

The shower before and after with the tile and with the shower curtain (we had a light installed in the shower which has helped a ton with the brightness of the room now; it was very yellow & dingy before)

The shower before just looked really cheap with the plastic doors and square white tile; I love the look of it now

We switched out one long towel rack for hooks and added storage above the toilet

We got new cabinets installed with drawers instead of doors (we thought the girls would better utilize the space with drawers), switched out to a granite countertop, added a nicer mirror and faucet, and different lights

One last view of the toilet & sink

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