Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter 2017

Holidays with kids are so much more fun and Easter was no exception especially since Cece celebrated her 1st Easter!  We really don't have many more "first" holidays to celebrate with her which makes me sad because that means her first birthday will be here before we know it.  We have a nice holiday routine down now where we typically spend Thanksgiving and Christmas Day at home with my family and go up to visit Todd's family for Christmas Eve and Easter.  After a hectic morning on Saturday at home, we managed to get out of the house right after lunch and made the drive up north to get to his parents' house in the late afternoon.  Lucy had fun running around with her cousins and dying eggs while Cece just kinda hung out. 

On Easter morning, the girls found their Easter baskets and then we went to mass.  Afterwards, in the early afternoon, some of Todd's extended family came over for Easter lunch/dinner.  It was such a beautiful day that the kids ran around outside and were able to have an Easter egg hunt.  Before we knew it, it was approaching late afternoon and with a 3 hour drive ahead of us, we knew we needed to get going.  We got home around 7:30 PM and the girls were worn out and both felt right asleep after bath time.  

The Easter bunny had to make sure everything would fit in their baskets at home prior to hiding them at MaMa & PaPa's house

The girls with their baskets all dressed up on Easter morning

Digging in to see what the Easter bunny left

Cece was very excited about her container of puffs but just could not figure out how to open them

Happy girl with her puffs

Lucy checking out what she got

Cece still has her fussy moments when she's with other people she doesn't recognize (really hoping this phase is over soon) but she was so happy on Easter morning especially during mass; the priest actually got distracted by how smiley and happy she was that he came over during the homily to make a comment

Family pic


Another cousin shot

MaMa & PaPa with all of their grandkids

The whole family (best group shot we've ever taken--seriously, I was shocked that everyone was looking, besides Cece, and is smiling!)

Kids opening their Easter baskets from MaMa & PaPa

Watching the kids run around the yard during the egg hunt

We were cracking up because Lucy would find one and open it right away to see what was inside

Selfie with Cece while the big kids did the egg hunt

Group shot of the family that was still there during the egg hunt (a few people had already left by this point)

About 20 min into the drive home, I turned around and saw Lucy had fallen asleep mid-coloring with her market still in her hand

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