Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Enjoying Our Long Weekend

So refreshing to have an extra long weekend especially when Todd is home an extra day too!  We crammed a lot in over the past few days and it started on Friday with a short trip to Treehive Cafe + Play for Lucy (Todd was working from home in the morning because we had a doctor's appointment for Cece so I was able to leave Cece napping at home while I took Lucy) followed by Cece's appointment.  Todd headed into work from the appointment and I made the brave decision to take the girls to lunch at Chick-fil-A by myself.  Since this wasn't really my original plan for lunch, I hadn't brought any food (or a bib) for Cece (and girlfriend LOVES to eat) and I wasn't sure what she would have besides chicken nuggets so I was happy to see they had applesauce pouches as well.

Lucy & I walked down to Treehive and she played for about 45 minutes (she was really into all their dress up clothes)

We had a 1 month follow up appointment for Cece after her 9 month appointment last month & our pediatrician was happy with her progress in both gaining weight & getting stronger

Applesauce pouch for the win at Chick-fil-A

Lucy doesn't drink juice very often so she pretty much chugged this thing in a matter of minutes

Chowing down on some nuggets

Saturday was insanely busy for us; we had a birthday party in the morning, Todd & Lucy had practice for their daddy-daughter dance for her recital coming up soon, we had another birthday party in the afternoon, and then Todd had to go to a dinner/reception where his dad was receiving an award.

The party in the morning was a music themed party for Keegan's 1st birthday so they had a station set up for kids to make their own maracas

 Lucy made one for Cece too and she loved shaking it 

They also hired someone to come and sing songs and entertain the kids for about 45 min which was fantastic

Lucy & Cece (and Todd) were mesmerized

My favorite part of a party--desserts!

Digging into his smash cake 

Lucy must've been pretty tired because she fell asleep on the way to the second birthday party later in the afternoon

Although she immediately perked up when she saw the bounce house 

Caroline's 3rd birthday party was a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme and all the kids got Mickey or Minnie ears

Part of the cute decor

Girls eating outside

Ready to sing Happy Birthday and eat cake!

Sunday was our day to catch up on yard work and since Todd's family was in town for the conference & dinner, they stopped by for most of the afternoon to hang out.  I was pleasantly surprised with how well Cece handled them being here and she didn't cry once (ok, she might have cried once when Audrey went in for a hug and accidentally knocked her over).  She is pretty attached to the few people she's very familiar with (me, Todd, Lucy, and my parents) and routinely cries if one of us isn't with her.  This was the first time in a long time that she was totally fine with us leaving the room without her or vice versa.  Let's hope this is a step in the right direction!

We set up the pop up tent for Cece and Lucy ran around the yard while Todd & I tried to mulch as quickly as possible

Andrew playing with Cece 

and she was loving Uncle Brian too!

Memorial Day was another busy day so I'll post about that later this week!

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