Monday, June 19, 2017

Friday Funday

I think we found one of our new favorite spots around town on Friday when I took the girls to the Spray and Play at Veterans Park in Delaware.  I've actually been working quite a bit more than my normal 20 hours/week I'm scheduled for so I was excited to have a full day off with Lucy & Cece. Since the temps were going to be near 90 that day and I'm not quite brave enough to do Zoombezi Bay with both of them by myself yet, we decided to check out this new (to us) park.  It was only about a 15-20 min drive from our house so we got there in the late morning after Cece's nap.  It was packed but since there's so much to do, it didn't seem overwhelmingly crowded.

Lucy wanted to start at the splash pad first so we headed over to that area and she happily played for over a half hour.  Cece splashed around a little bit too but she had more fun people-watching.  Eventually Lucy started to get cold so we headed to the other side of the park where the playground is and she played for awhile there.  The playground was really nice and I loved that it was on artificial turf instead of mulch.  I finally had to drag Lucy off the playground so we could eat lunch (which I had packed) and we lucked out and found an empty table next to the snack shack.  There were two larger shelter houses with rows of picnic tables but they were already pretty full.  Like I said, we lucked out and had our own table to ourselves which was nice because I just sat Cece on top of the table so she could eat instead of having to hold her.

Walking up to the park from the parking lot, the playground is on the left side...

and the splash pad is on the right side

The playground and splash pad are dinosaur-themed

Lucy getting wet in a fountain

Using the dinosaur sprayer

Cece sat and splashed in one of the smaller fountains

Cece  & I spent most of the time watching Lucy

Part of the playground

Lots of slides to go down

Another one on a hill

Here's the snack shack and we snagged that table directly to the right of it

Eating lunch and cooling off in the shade

After eating, Lucy wanted to go back to the splash pad so she played for just a little bit longer before we drove home.  She was curious about what they were selling at the snack shack and it looked like slushies or italian ice.  I know she isn't always a huge fan of snow cones so I let her pick either a slushie from the park or we could stop at Handel's for ice cream on the way home.  She picked ice cream and actually wanted to walk there from our house instead of drive (she told me she was worried she would spill ice cream and would be too messy to get back in the car!) so we stopped at home just to drop the car off and walked the half mile to get ice cream.  Lucy must've been tired though after all the playing and walking because she wanted to sit in Cece's stroller for the walk home and we had to improvise and she sat on the foot rest.

Such a fun day and I can't wait to go back again!

So excited for her blue ice cream (this was one scoop by the way which was HUGE!)

We walked from Handel's to the shelter house at Murphy Park to eat in the shade

My load to push got a bit heavier on the walk back

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