Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hot Weekend

Even though summer doesn't officially start until next week, it sure felt like summer this past weekend!  We even hit 90 degrees on Sunday which is why we spent a few hours at Zoombezi Bay trying to cool off in the water.

We started our weekend with Lucy's dance recital on Saturday morning.  She's been taking ballet (I think it's technically called pre-dance though since she's so little) since September and they've been learning their dance since January I believe.  She dances at Powell Dance Academy and they have so many students & classes that they have 4 recitals over the span of two days to fit everyone in.  Lucy was in the Saturday 10:00 AM recital and she did great!  I was honestly a little worried how she would do with everyone watching her but she said she loved being on stage and she did surprisingly well with the dance.  Todd also made his recital debut as he was part of the daddy daughter dance at the end.  He had to go to 5 practices over the last few weeks to learn it but I'm so glad he took the time and did it because it was really cute when he was on stage with Lucy.

The recital was held downtown at the Lincoln Theatre

Cece & Brody hanging out during intermission (it was a 2 hour recital)

Todd & Lucy during the daddy daughter dance

Miss Amber and a few of her students backstage

Our tiny dancer

Our attempt at a family picture

After the recital, since we were already downtown, we had lunch at the North Market.  Once we got home, Cece went down for a nap (poor girl was pretty exhausted as we had to skip her morning nap because of the recital) and then later that afternoon/early evening, we headed next door for our neighbor's graduation party.

Lunch time

Lucy usually gets ice cream from Jeni's but got a cookie instead

Hanging outside in the shade at the graduation party

Todd & Lucy playing corn hole

After the girls were in bed, Todd made tasty watermelon guava martinis and I watched part of the NCAA track & field championships

Like I said earlier, we spent Sunday at Zoombezi Bay (third weekend in a row!) and ended our weekend grilling out dinner & making s'mores on the fire pit.

I was cracking up as Todd  & Lucy were ahead of me & Cece while walking around Zoombezi Bay because Lucy was dancing the entire way 

Our normal area we hang out in: Tiny Tides

Posing in the huge lifeguard chair on the way out

Todd teaching Lucy how to roast her marshmallow

S'mores = smiles

Looking forward to this coming weekend as Todd & I have a date night (after weeks of trying to find a babysitter, we resorted to using the new Juggle app) as well as celebrating Father's Day!

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