Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Soaking Up the Sun

I love summer because it gives us so many more options of fun things to do and we definitely took advantage of the warm weather this past weekend.  It was in the mid 80s and sunny Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (until a few late afternoon storms rolled through on Sunday).

On Friday, the girls & I took an early morning walk to Tim Horton's to celebrate National Donut Day.  Lucy picked out a sprinkle donut & some chocolate milk and we brought Todd back a raspberry jelly filled donut.  He takes an early morning conference call from home a few mornings a week so we made it back just in time to give it to him before he headed into the office.   

Failed attempt at a pic with both girls while we waited in line at Tim Horton's

Lucy was excited for her chocolate milk

After Cece's morning nap, I packed the girls up and drove to Worthington for the Children's Concert on the Green with the Shazzbots. We got there a half hour early and set up our picnic blanket and hung out until the music started.  I'm glad we got there when we did because it was packed by the time the concert started!  There wasn't much shade where we were sitting (most of the shaded spots were already gone when we got there) so Cece sat in the corner of the blanket in a little spot that was shaded thanks to our stroller sitting there.  When the concert started, Lucy got up towards the stage and was dancing for a little bit with a bunch of other kids and then eventually made her way back to our blanket where I had set up a picnic lunch for the girls.  When the concert was starting to wind down, we packed up and headed to the Worthington library to sign up for the summer reading program.  It was pretty hot outside so the air conditioned library was a welcome relief!

The band warmed up before the concert and Cece immediately perked up and was checking out the band on stage

Cece & Lucy reading books before the concert

My best attempt at a pic of Lucy & I; it was so sunny I couldn't see what I was even taking a picture of

Lucy's got some killer dance moves including that little hip pop

I think the warm weather tuckered Cece out and Lucy was ready to go to by the time the concert was ending

The girls started swim lessons at the Y on Saturday morning.  This was Lucy's third session of lessons but first time she's been in the pool on her own.  Todd watched Lucy while I was in the pool with Cece; we'll probably alternate weeks so we get a chance to be with each girl a few times.  Both girls did fantastic too!  Cece didn't fuss one bit during her lesson and Lucy was excited to jump in from the side.

Lucy swimming with a noodle

Practicing her back float

Swimming with Cece

We followed swim lessons by a trip to Krema Nut Company in Granview for peanut butter sandwiches and milkshakes for lunch.  Since it was such a perfect day outside, after Todd & Lucy's daddy daughter dance practice for her recital this weekend, Cece's nap, and a haircut for myself, we couldn't force ourselves to stay inside so we walked down to the Powell splash pad for a bit.  We went a couple times last summer but Lucy didn't really like getting sprayed by the water or having water dumped on her so my expectations were low for this year but she surprised me and ended up running through some of the sprayers and getting wet.

One of my favorite little spots for lunch

Todd got the Buckeye sandwich with crunchy peanut butter and Nutella

Lucy & I split the Nutty Mallow with creamy peanut butter and marshmallow fluff

After one bite, she had marshmallow fluff stuck all over her face (we also all split a Buckeye milkshake)

Cece had a few bites of our sandwiches and some other food we had packed for her

Lucy running through the sprayers; I was really pretty proud of her and she went back and forth running through them for awhile

Of course, her favorite thing is to spray other kids!

Directly next to the splash pad is a playground so we played there next

And our last stop before heading home was to the stage so Lucy could put on her show; she was up there singing and dancing around for a good 10 minutes

And just because I had more pictures of Lucy, I needed to include another one of Cece who is such a great trooper and just tags along

And we finished out our weekend by going to Zoombezi Bay for a few hours on Sunday afternoon.  We did the normal Tiny Tides area and lazy river but also ventured over to the wave pool as well.

Ready to head into the water

Todd & Cece sitting in the water while I kept my eye on Lucy going down slides

She had the biggest grin on her face the whole time we were there

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