Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2nd Annual Columbus Blogger Meet Up

On Saturday evening, I went out to dinner with a group of amazing ladies when we had our 2nd Annual Columbus Blogger Meet Up. What started last year with eight Columbus bloggers at the Columbus Blogger Meet Up has grown this year to close to 20! I remember last year being nervous about meeting these girls who I had never met yet read about everyday on their blogs. This year, I felt like we were old friends catching up on what's been going on....and of course, throwing in some blogger & celebrity gossip (yes, blogger gossip does exist!).

I think Shannon captured it perfectly on her blog yesterday when she talked about why all of us blog & how for some of us, myself included, don't do it for the followers but to keep their family & friends updated on their lives....and hey, if someone else is interested in what I do, then I'm glad to have a follower!

The majority of the girls from last year plus some other great girls.....unfortunately, a few people had already ducked out for the night so this was the best group picture I got

It was an awesome night full of laughs & smiles I hope that we'll get together again soon and not wait until next December again!

Thanks again to Holly & Katie for planning the wonderful event!

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Walk to the Mailbox said...

Even though I don't live in columbus anymore, I SOOOO wish I could have been there for this! Dammit!!!