Monday, October 15, 2012

Genoa Firefighters Fire Prevention Week 5K

I ran the Genoa Firefighter 5K last year in 21:39 but it was in July and I hadn't been running as well as I have lately. I was happy with my time last year but since I'd already run a 5K in June this year in 20:45, I had my sights set high on a PR on Saturday.  I recovered amazingly well from the Akron Marathon, which was just 2 weeks prior to the 5K, and had some great tempo & speed work runs in the week before the race.  My 5K PR is 20:16 (which I'm not sure I should even count any more since it was from my junior year of high school) and all I've wanted to do in the past 14 years (since I started running) was to break 20:00. 
Trying to stay warm before the race

Lining up at the start (I'm in the light pink to the right of the tree)

And we're off!

 A little less than a mile into the race

Heading back from the bike path around the 2 mile mark

Sprint to the finish

Crossing the finish line in 20:23 as 1st female overall (although I should add it was a really small race field)
The Stats

Mile 1: 6:29
Mile 2: 6:47
Mile 3: 6:43

Overall Time for 5K: 20:23
Average Pace: 6:34

Female: 1/23
Overall: 7/50

My Gamin got messed up so I know the mile 1 split is accurate but the other two are off slightly.  I should learn to shut off the auto mile lap setting and just hit the split button myself when I pass the mile markers.  It was only 40 degrees at the start of the race so my breathing was slightly off but with a flat course, I know I could push through and keep up my pace.  To break 20:00, I had to run 6:26 pace but I slowed down too much on mile 2.  I think this is my first 5K in forever that I've actually run a faster mile 3 than mile 2 which is huge for me.  This in itself was a big accomplishment!  I was really happy with my time and in fact, this was my 2nd fastest 5K ever.  Not too shabby considering I've been training for marathons and not 5Ks the past few months.  I even ran 22 seconds faster than the 5K I ran in June. 

After the race with my award for being the 1st female...

a $35 gift certificate to Fleet Feet!

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