Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lucy's Baptism

This past Sunday, Lucy was baptized at St. Joan of Arc Church (the same church where Todd & I were married) during the 9:00 AM mass.  I was a little nervous as to how Lucy would act during mass and when she was baptized but she was perfect.  She slept during the first part of mass and woke up as she was being baptized.  I thought the water being poured on her head might make her cry but she was just a little startled and made a couple grunting noises.  She fell right back asleep and woke up towards the end of mass when she tried to eat her dress for the remaining time.  Directly after mass, the priest finished the baptism with the lighting of her baptismal candle and a few more prayers.  We had 22 people there for her big day and everyone came back to our house for brunch.  Hosting a party can be a bit more challenging with a 3.5 month old but Lucy was content being passed from person to person....well, at least for the first couple hours!  She started to get fussy in the afternoon but I'm sure part of that was being overwhelmed by such a large crowd.  She's used to just seeing Todd & I most of the time (or my mom when I'm at work). 
Getting Lucy's baptismal gown on before mass....she's the 3rd generation to wear this gown as my mom and her siblings wore it and me, my brother, and cousins wore it

 Family photo

During the baptism...I think she was still sleeping here

And then she woke up when the water hit her head

Finishing up the baptism after mass

Another family photo

Lucy's godparents: Stacey (Todd's sister) and Jeff (my brother)

Lucy with all 4 grandparents and her parents

Todd's mom made a delicious cake! You can't go wrong with a double layer cake

Food to munch on while the casseroles were in the oven & sandwiches were being made....cheese tray, crackers, blueberry muffins, biscotti, and banana bread with mimosas & lemonade to drink

Sausage hashbrown casserole, cinnamon roll French toast casserole, fruit salad, chicken salad sandwiches, ham sandwiches, and sugar cookies

Close up of cookie platter

Lucy was spoiled as she was passed around...starting with Aunt Judy & Uncle Jeff...

then to MaMa...

and PaPa...
then to Karen...

and finally Stephanie

Hanging out with my mom, Jeff, and his girlfriend, Meghan

Todd & I cutting the cake wedding style

Opening presents with Lucy

She really liked this book

Watching as we opened presents

Our nephew & niece (Lucy's cousins) got Lucy her first build-a-bear and named it Love

My brother enjoying one of the beers we made over Thanksgiving at North High's appropriately named Blowout Brown Ale in honor of Lucy

Overall, the weekend was great and we're so thankful that so many people were able to celebrate with us.


emily said...

congrats to lucy! the picture of her being excited about the book is too precious.

Meghan said...

Aww! What a special day! I love that the gown is a part of your family, too! :) Layla's baptism is next weekend, and we're so excited!

Nat said...

Congrats to Lucy! Looks like you pulled off a great party!