Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Closet Makeover

In our master bedroom, Todd & I are lucky enough to each have our own small walk-in closet.  From the day we moved in to our house almost 3 years ago, mine has never been that organized and according to Todd, was very inefficient with a lot of wasted space.  Personally, it never really bothered me and I somehow knew where most of my stuff was but it drove Todd absolutely crazy (his closet is set up a little bit differently, plus he's taller and can actually reach the higher shelves).  I pretty much had 3 of those cheap wire racks to hang clothes on and store clothes on top of.  I was still using plastic bins from college to store clothes as well.  Basically, it was a mess. 
When our parents asked us what we wanted for Christmas this year, we decided we'd ask my parents for some money towards a closet makeover and we'd ask Todd's parents for a new grill.  This way, we each got something we wanted/needed but they were both things for the house.  I gave Todd some ideas of what I wanted (thanks Pinterest!) and he spent a few nights taking measurements and designing my closet.  Todd had done such a great job on Lucy's closet but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little worried...especially when he told me he could get it done in just a weekend.  From past experience, I was anticipating it taking at least 3 times as long and since the contents of my closet were all over our bedroom (with a toddler getting into everything also), I really wanted it to be done as soon as possible. 
I am happy to report that Todd made good on his word and had the closet completed in just a few days!  He was on vacation for almost 2 weeks over Christmas & New Year's so last week, with Lucy in tow, he went to Home Depot to buy all the Closetmaid shelving that he'd need.  That afternoon, I cleaned out my entire closet and he took down the old wire shelving and patched the holes.  Over the course of the next couple days, he painted two coats of white paint on the inside and also built/assembled all the shelves and drawers.  Finally, on Saturday, he installed the shelves and hung the rods for hanging clothes, and it was finished!  He did such a great job and it turned out so much better (and faster!) than I could have expected!  I spent Sunday organizing everything and getting rid of 3 bags full of clothes and shoes.
Left: Before
Middle: Once the shelves were installed
Right: After

Empty closet

In the process of putting in all the shelves

3 different views of my closet before the makeover (seriously, it was such a disaster)

The same 3 views with the new shelves
 And the same 3 views with everything put back in

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emily said...

that looks great! i so want to do a closet make over in my place, but since i'm renting, i don't have many options.