Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Weekend Recap

After an awesome workout at System of Strength on Saturday morning, Todd, Lucy, and I headed to the Worthington Farmers' Market, which they hold indoors during the late fall & winter.  We typically only go to it when it's indoors once or twice and this was our first time this year.  We walked around, listened to the live band playing while Lucy danced, and bought some cheese & pastries.
The weather was great this past weekend and it was so nice to have all the sunshine coming through the skylight at the farmers' market
Lucy watching the band play
 Dancing (while holding a block of cheese)

and trying to eat through the plastic

Hanging out with daddy 

My in-laws came into town around lunchtime to visit with us and stay the night before they made the long drive down to Florida where they are staying for the next 7 weeks.  Due to some last minute change of plans (they were originally coming on Friday night and leaving Saturday), we didn't have lunch or dinner figured out so we ended up going out for both meals.  I did, however, have breakfast prepared for Sunday morning.

Oh, and I should note, the "highlight" of the weekend was during Lucy's nap on Saturday afternoon when our little monkey figured out how to get out of her crib.  We had it on the lowest setting (we already lowered it 3 times) and since the top of the crib rail came up to her chest, we thought she couldn't get out but the extremely loud thud we heard clearly indicated otherwise.  I knew it was her right away and by the time I got upstairs, she was already on her feet walking towards the door (crying though) so we have no idea how she managed to get out or how she fell.  Todd figured out how to somehow lower it again though and it now comes up to her shoulders so I'm praying she won't get out for a few more months because we definitely aren't ready to transition her to a toddler bed yet.

The old school cafeteria tray that Lucy's lunch came on was a hit at 101 Beer Kitchen

Hanging out with MaMa & PaPa during dinner at Mellow Mushroom

Lucy was happy that MaMa shared her ice cream with her

Todd's parents left early on Sunday morning so we just hung out around the house most of the day.  After Lucy's nap, where she didn't escape from the crib, we were getting a little stir crazy and Lucy was getting whiny so we went outside for our first family walk of 2015.  It was 55 degrees out and felt so good!  I can't wait for warmer weather to arrive and stay.

At the start of our walk

Lucy got so many toys for Christmas that we didn't open them all yet and bring a new one out about once a month so on Sunday we opened up her puppy that walks & talks; she was giggling like crazy!

If you shake the bone, the puppy will start moving
Besides going out to dinner for Valentine's day and a work meeting I have this weekend, we don't have any other plans this weekend or even the next few weekends.

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