Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lucy's 2nd Birthday

Hopefully this will be the last recap for Lucy's birthday considering it was a week ago already but I love birthdays and am not against week long celebrations that involve multiple birthday cakes.  So we had her Daniel Tiger party a couple days before her birthday but I still wanted to celebrate on her actual birthday even though she really didn't know which day was her birthday.  To celebrate, we had my parents over for pizza (Lucy's choice) and cake.  We had saved a couple presents for her to open that night so she was thrilled for more toys!  Who am I kidding, she was more excited about eating cake but the presents came in a close second.   

Playing with her new Pizza Party kit that she got at her party

Riding around in her car

Yeah, she has no personality at all

More presents

Opening a card from Grandma & Grandpa

Excited to see what she got

A fun hook & latch puzzle..

and a bunch of legos!

Homemade birthday cake

Smiling for pics

Family photo

Singing happy birthday

Blowing out her candles

Lucy is 2!

That's my girl!

Sugar high

We also had one more birthday celebration on Sunday.  We drove up to visit Todd's family for our nephew's birthday party (he turned 9 the day before Lucy's birthday) and they had a small cake and a few presents for her there since not all his family came to Lucy's party in Columbus.  But seriously, I think we're done celebrating now.

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