Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter 2016

I'm a few days late on our Easter recap from this year but better late than never I guess!  We typically spend Easter up with Todd's family (if you recall from last year, this was when we made Lucy's first trip to the ER after she fell down the stairs at my sister-in-law's house) but his parents were in Florida for the winter this year so we stayed home to spend Easter with my parents.  It was nice to not have to travel anywhere although we'll be heading up to see them all next weekend because they'll be back from Florida.  

On Saturday evening, we decided to dye eggs with Lucy for the first time and she loved it.  She drew on a few with a white crayon and it was fun to see how her design turned out after it was dyed.  

Dying her first egg blue

Coloring on the egg first

Todd & I even dyed a couple ourselves

They were all so bright & pretty!

On Easter morning, we got up and got ready for church with my parents.  We went to probably what was the busiest mass of the year and even though they had 2 masses going on simultaneously, it was packed!  We got there 30 minutes early and there weren't many seats left.  Lucy did great though and was excited to sing Alleluia.  We invited my parents over for brunch after mass and Lucy discovered that the Easter Bunny had been to our house!  We hid her basket this year and she was so excited when she found it.  She also noticed the Easter Bunny had left some eggs behind so she went on an Easter egg hunt around the house.

Lucy's Easter basket

Bubbles, stickers, flip flops, Princess book, and some other Target goodies

The Easter Bunny hid her basket in the corner of the dining room

Happy Easter!

Family photo

Checking out everything in her basket

For brunch, I made a fruit salad, this amazing cinnamon bread, and a sausage potato casserole

After we ate, Lucy went on her Easter egg hunt

Collecting them in her basket

Found another one in her baby crib

Opening them all up....inside she found some with chocolate candy and some with pennies

Later that afternoon after Lucy's nap, we went over to my parent's for Easter dinner.  They also had an Easter basket for her and my dad had hid a bunch of eggs for her to find there too.

Opening her Easter basket

She gets excited about each and every thing and would have to look at it before moving on to the next thing

She got a lot of new books and games

Collecting more eggs with change in them...her piggy bank is getting full!

We had a really nice, low key Easter and every holiday with Lucy just gets better and better!  I can't wait until we have 2 little girls next year to celebrate with!

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